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Our journey so far

From womens self-defence to SEND sports programmes.

It fills us with immense pride and fuels our desire to achieve even more. Each programme we’ve launched has not only met but surpassed our expectations.

Yoga Over 55's in Sheffield

Two unbelievable projects

Firstly, we have our Over 55’s Get a Grip Save a Hip, delivering fitness and wellbeing for the mature generation, looking to help them with long lasting fitness and strengthen key areas to protect them now and in the future. Find out more about the benefits in our blog.

The Over 55’s sessions are live and FREE thanks to Sport England, access these amazing classes here.

Sport England supporting SEND kids and adults

The 2nd project is our mental wellbeing project for teenagers. With CAMHS waiting lists growing stronger we will be looking to work with local agencies and education providers to reduce the waiting lists.

Its imperative young people develop tools early on, and talk to people prepared to listen, help and support.

Wesleyan - South Yorkshire Community Foundation

A significant milestone for our community!

Our organisation has been awarded a grant to conduct therapy group sessions, focusing on the transformative power of art therapy.

This initiative will cater to groups of six students. Each session led by our highly skilled and fully qualified art therapy coach, who also has experience in Play and Lego therapy.

This programme is specifically designed for young children aged between 5 and 12 years. This is a crucial developmental stage where they begin to navigate and understand the world around them.

The Purpose

Through these sessions, children will engage in creative and expressive activities. This will provide them with a unique platform to explore and articulate their emotions and thoughts.

This approach is not just about fostering creativity; it’s a vital support system covering a wide range of areas, including emotional and social development. You can find out more information about the benefits of art therapy in our blog.

This grant marks a significant step forward in our commitment to nurturing the mental and emotional well-being of children in our community.

Everyone is welcome

Our inclusive community is designed to make everyone feel valued and supported, with initiatives that include mental health-focused events and activities for those over 60. By integrating educational support, we aim to enhance personal development and future opportunities for all members of our community. 

Empowering Girls and Women with the VRU

Our groundbreaking self-defence initiative specifically designed for vulnerable girls and women has achieved remarkable results in just three months, exceeding our initial targets.

Thanks to the generous funding received, we have been able to expand our program and make a positive difference in the lives of even more individuals. The self-defence classes have been nothing short of exceptional, empowering countless vulnerable women and girls to protect themselves.

We have also had the privilege of working with individuals in high-risk professions who recognize the importance of self-defence training. With your continued support, together we can create a safer future for all.

SEND Sports

Through collaboration with the National Lottery and Sport England, we have successfully organised kickboxing and boxing courses in South Yorkshire as well as a variety of sporting activities.

Our aim has always been to provide a solid foundation for SEND students, ensuring inclusivity for all. The joy of these projects was immeasurable, and we cannot wait to embark on more ventures like this.

A big thank you to all our Sponsors, Partners, Trustees & Volunteers.

Without you this wouldn’t have been possible