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Personal Growth Mission:

As a team we aim to help people thrive in life, helping them reach their goals and help and support them on their journey, being there when we are needed.

Developing YOU Personally

We work with all aspects of your personal growth journey, mind, body and wellbeing, personal life, and the 8 pillars.


Andy Hogg

Andy Hogg

Fitness Guru

No-nonsense, no-frills fitness and nutrition to suit everyone, whatever your age, size, weight, ability, and whatever your fitness and health goals.
Qualified and expert personal trainer
Working 1-1, Groupwork and building you with the confidence to thrive.


Fiona Jagger

Fiona Jagger

Nutritional Expert

Qualified NLP and Nutritionist Specialist, helping people thrive in life and reach their goals. Working and helping your body and mind. 

Meal Plans, Menu, and macronutrients are what you need to help lose weight and keep the weight off. 

Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall

Fitness All the Way

Qualified fitness instructor who works amazing with all age groups, creating personalised training programs to help you reach your goals.

Working with Andy delivering group training events as well as individuals reaching their health goals. 

Simon Hall

Simon Hall

Looking after the Mind

Mind, Body, and your future. Simon works with the min and your future, where you are and where you see yourself going. 

Working with 8 pillars of a life wheel, improving each section one by one.

Meet the Team in more detail – Who you could be working with

“Thank you for the advice/recommendations.   I have made a couple of immediate changes – the sweetener has gone in the bin –  we now have a fridge full of homemade lime/lemon water.

 I have since 27th January lost 10lb and with the changes you have suggested, I know I can lose more.”

Andre O

“Throughout 2018 I weighed approximately 96 kg, my BMI was 32.  In September 2019 I consulted Fiona and was immediately given short-term advice. I submitted my dietary routine and shortly after had a 1-2-1 consultation.

At that point I was given comprehensive advice following her observation of anomalies in my food intake, particularly on the foods I was to avoid, and a range of suitable alternatives.  By suggesting an alternative to each ‘negative’ item I was eating (eg…cut out cream crackers and replace with rice cakes) it made his plan MUCH easier to follow and something to which I could easily adhere. This element was a significant element in his advice and gave me a real opportunity to reduce both my weight and my BMI.

Today (June 2020) my weight is 81.8 kg and my BMI 26.9. My waist size has reduced from 44” to 40”.   My target weight is 74kg. As I have the on-going backing/ support from Fiona, I am confident that I will achieve my target .”

David P

Simon, simply put–you are real,
and relatable. You are the go-to
person. You have vision. You over
deliver, and help people execute on
amazing ideas that they wouldn’t
have done had they not connected
to you.

Calvin W

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