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Drive Change in Your Life

Be the Best You Can Be

Redefine Your Goals

Take Action


Developing YOU Personally

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Personal Growth – Passionately reigniting the spark to give people the courage to Thrive

Hello! I’m Simon

Personal Growth Specialist

Welcome to the personal growth academy.  It’s our way of life
We exist for people who have lost sight of their personal direction, struggling at work, and need a personal coach to look at developing them and changing their life for good.

1. Unsure where your life is going

2. Want to Improve your Career

3.Career not going to plan

4. Considering starting your own business

5. Looking for a work-life balance

6. Something Else …..

Personal Growth – Passionately reigniting the spark to give people the courage to Thrive

Cornered, no way out or lost and unsure how to make the leap, the next step on your personal growth journey. When you grow personally, you will be amazed at the impact it has on those around you. I will help over 1000 people in 12 months to improve their lives and careers.

Bold statement – Bold Plan

Often opportunity hides in plain sight, but when things go wrong in either you personal or business life you will be blind to a way out, or become unsure of what direction to take. Sleepless nights, anxiety increases around every decision, every issue eating away at you, your life starts affecting those around you. Work Life balance goes out of the window.

Life balance is allowed alongside success.

Working with small to medium size business we build great relationships to look at all different aspects of their business, working directly with owners and their staff.
We see the best in everyone, and we most certainly see everyone’s potential even if they cannot see it in themselves. Working directly with staff to improve, develop and grow, stopping them losing their position and the business to have expensive recruitment costs.

So often employee’s turnout not to be the person you interviewed, something holds them back, but what you need to know is did they just talk the talk or can they really walk the walk? We either get the best out of them and you win, or you can prove you have invested in them to develop.

Working with business owners as a fresh pair of eyes helping spot new markets or ways of working. If you struggle to delegate, we really need to talk, burnout does not help anyone.

We are very strong in processes and procedures improving systems across the board, developing some of the best customer service teams, marketing plans which exceed expectations and sales staff who have had their best ever years. Just by looking at business different and changing the perception of the blueprint.

Business Opportunities: I’ve mentioned opportunities hiding in plain sight, imagine supporting your manager in a meeting with a blue chip client when he’s bidding for a £30,000 contract, and 2 months after that meeting he didn’t get the deal he wanted, he got the deal I saw which was worth just over £500,000.

Personal life Coaching: Trapped in the corner with no pathway in sight was exactly what happened to an amazing young man I know, career, finances and dreams were all gone and the knock-on effect was impacting those around him. We chatted over a coffee for just over an hour, at the end he had 3 very clear pathways, a list of action points to follow. He saved his career at a time other staff lost theirs. Finance issues have come less, and a side hustle discussed for another day. His aspirations are alive with a plan and a clear pathway ahead of him.


Feel free to message me here on Linkedin, Tel: 0114 551 8181 or email if you want to book sometime to call you can also book a discovery call here, its vital on a discovery call we know we can work with each other before we go any further.


Personal Growth Journey

The Journey

Personal Growth is a journey, we take you on this journey no matter the situation.
Looking further down the journey to achieving your goals and targets.
We have a great process which helps us help, evaluate and achieve your dreams.

Simon Hall

My Approach


How I work is straight forward, I’m a northern lad whose studied so many different areas from adolescent behaviour issues to adults and what makes people tick. I believe in learning including learning about you. When talking it will be a conversation between two people, bouncing good ideas create action points and a strategy to move forward. 

It will be relaxed, attempted humour allowed it will be a lets get this done attitude. 


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After our initial 30 minute chat we evaluate where you are and look at a plan, before a full meeting to discuss further the enlightening journey you will be on.