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Welcome – To Your
Personal Growth Journey

Business Coaching and Mentoring

We are here to help you make sense of everything you are thinking.
Make sense of everything thats holding you back and make sense of issues you may not be able to make sense off.

Our business coaching and mentoring helps with 1-1’s , following our progrmmes for business, from start up to SME businesses.

1. You are amazing at what you do, but unsure about running a business.

2. Too many ideas that need prioritising and backed with a stregic plan to take to market.

3. Let us stop you from running in every direction and bring balance to your day.

4. Need an accountability mirror where we follow a plan together and ensure what needs doing is done.

5. Need to re-evaluate your business, direction, and look at an improved way of working

Pathway - To an improved Life

Know your Pathway - First Steps

Had enough of wandering in the dark, want to take a step back and re-address your life, where you are and where you want to go.
This course looks at key areas of where you are and where you want to go. Its a 28 day course
where we work together to solve problems and work forward. At the end of the 28 days you’ll have accountability, you will know what’s been holding you back. you will have a direction to follow. We have 4 x 1:1s, you receive access to the cloud which has resources for you to follow, and to video’s on “How to” follow the correct route.

Grow by 1%

1% Growth Course - Change Your Life

This fantastic course takes amazing steps to make you look within yourself, start asking the CORRECT questions and put together a growth plan. This courses is blended its a mixture of online, 1:1 and in a group.
Ideal when you are looking for meaning and a way forward. When life is getting on top of you or you’ve lost direction. The Course lasts


in business- Weve got you

1% Growth in the Accountability Mirror

This course is for people commited to changing their lives for the good, you need to be coachable to be accepted on this course. Its a 12 month cours with access to full results, clear goal setting and what needs to eb done to acheive your goals.
You receive support all the way, with regular 1:1 suppot, access to courss and videos for different parts of your business or for you as an individyual, whose looking to be better than they were yesterday, gain focus on caree, direction and what you want out of life.


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After our initial 30 minute chat we evaluate where you are and look at a plan, before a full meeting to discuss further the enlightening journey you will be on. 

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