Drive Change in Your Life

Be the Best You Can Be

Redefine Your Goals

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Drive Change in Your Life

Be the Best You Can Be

Redefine Your Goals

Take Action


Developing YOU Personally

Business Ideas – Would you Like one

Everyone likes a good business idea, even better if its a great idea.

Have you ever looked at a business and thought wouldn’t it be great if they did that, or great if they did this.

1. Lets talk – tell me in confidence your business

2. I will give you money making ideas – business improvement plan

3. This will be done either on the call or via email.

4.  You can choose to follow or ignore any idea supplied

5. You decide how much you want to pay for the service. You can pay something straight away and then again when a roaring success. You can choose to pay nothing if you don’t think its of value.

business coaching and mentoring

Idea Time

If I give you a £million idea please don’t forget us.

I’ve done 1/2 million several times, and done a million as a matter of process changes over a longer period. 

Fresh Fruit and Veg – Its the future

A simple idea: free to who ever reads this, Set up a fruit and veg stall, near a busy road but where a car can pull in. You can now do a drive through, order and pay in advance, pull up recieve your fresh goodies and drive off. Benefits to the business and to healthy eating is awesome. 


Getting Started is Easy


Book a time slot now, to see what we could possibly do for you. 

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Free Chat: Discusing you and your future

Ideas Supplied

After our chat we evaluate the ideas, and email them you, may even outline a plan of action.
Pay us what you think, and we’ll invoice you.  

Simon Hall

My Approach


How I work is straight forward, I’m a northern lad whose made lots of money for other businesses, thoroughly enjoy bouncing good ideas around and making them possible, create action points and strategies. 

I do love to see great ideas come to fruition its great to know you were apart of something. 

You have nothing to lose but a short bit of time, but you won’t be disappointed.