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The Toxic Employee

Dealing with the toxic employee

At interview somebody walks in and they interview amazingly so good you must employ them. The thing you didn’t know is this amazing person in front of you can tell a really good Story. The stories that they’ve just told you, the different situations they’ve just reflected on are all somebody else’s Stories picked up over years and years of watching learning listening and truthfully hiding in the shadows at work.

What you didn’t realise was this person is probably the person who will throw a hand grenade into a situation and disappear back into the shadows. They are the toxic employee.

Now you have two choices with a toxic employee, the first one is to cut your losses and run the second one is to rehabilitate them and make them good. Which one do you choose?

Option 1: Cut and Run

Choosing the first option can be the best one but without clear evidence, a timeline of events it becomes very very difficult. This employee spends more time covering their back than they do working. They will keep their head below just long enough to see out their probation. Yes they will be pulling strings below but you’ll often find out far too late there it was then.

Option 2: Rehabilitate

The second choice to rehabilitate them comes with a close working relationship if you like you could also say it’s the micromanagement of the 90s.

What different types of toxic employees there?

You’ve got the one that bullies and harassers other members of staff often it’s subtle gossip but very very seldom will it link back to them. The one who refuses to accept responsibility it’s never their fault it’s never their failings and they are very very quick to point the finger at others.

Bullying in the workplace

These employees can often orchestrate divisions within the office creating clicks which can also become intimidating and will fuel the bullying within the office. This toxic employer will often be seen as a smaller member of the group but they will be clearly pulling the strings with a simple comment here and there. The sneakiness o this person is they will also be engaging towards people not in the click.

You’ve also got Mr and Mrs negative who also cannot see the good in anything cannot see the values of change but will ensure that they find a voice to view their opinion without them holding their head above the precipice. These employees can spread their negativity with ease and get more staff seeing their point of view very quickly and very easily. Causing unhappiness in the work place, stopping staff wanting to come into work.

This will cost your business money productivity time and even good staff.

They won’t be the best workers but they’ll do just enough to keep their job finding and spotting them is hard. You need to make sure you find the right person, finding the wrong one can be catastrophic for you, but the toxic person will enjoy this. They absolutely thrive off office drama.

Dealing with a toxic employee is about trust and that’s the trust that you’re going to need to put into either another member of staff or even a fresh pair of eyes. Someone to keep an eye out to locate the gossip to locate the bully to locate who’s been harassed so you can take things further. This works when you are looking to get rid of the person who are starting to eat away your business.

A different pair of eyes

Hiring someone as a consultant to come into your business and to help is a good option, someone to assist in the decision making and create a clear action plan. Look at a business coach someone who can look at policies, procedures, developing staff, you’ll get value for money in training all staff, but with an alternative watchful eye.

Choose to Keep

What do you do when your choice is to save this person to convert the person into your way of thinking if you are a leader who doesn’t like to give up on people then this can be a rewarding role because you haven’t given up on someone you’ve changed their mindset and you’ve probably created a very loyal employee. This can be done by setting and working closely with the identified person ensuring that involved indecisions contributing in a positive manner you can work with them on the project with clear identifiable goals making them feel that worth. Often this person doesn’t see it as them they don’t see it within their personality, they’ve probably in the past never been given the confidence to do something they’ve spent their life’s insecurities deflecting towards others.

Taking 1 step at a time

Do you invest in this employee?

Do you invest in this employee can you see that worth can you see that development path if you can then you’ve got a chance you can do this and they will achieve. The recruitment process is often long hard and also once bitten twice shy. This is a great reason to put your time and trust into this employee however it must be structured it must be measured and above or out all else you’ll need patience.

Who does this development, Another member of staff, you or outside help?

It is a good chance for another member of staff to learn some leadership skills some great management skills and to develop their own future within the business.

A great suggestion would be to team them up with someone not necessarily close to them and create a massive action project, something which would normally take a year but get it done in 3 months.

You don’t have to give up on everyone or maybe it’s in your nature to see the best in all people then you need an accountability mirror so someone can tell you when enough is enough. 

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